Friday, April 20, 2007

Three Characteristics of revival: Number Three

In his book, "Revival", Richard Owen Roberts writes that true revival from heaven will have three characteristics. The third one is...

"Third, revival produces extraordinary results. With revival comes a tremendous 'breaking.' There are millions of people in the world today who profess to be 'born-again.' and while in many instances they can tell the day and the hour in which they made their decision to accept Christ, all the evidence suggests they are suffering from a mighty delusion. Some professing Christians have lived in sin for years. There are religious workers whose greatest concern at all times has been their own comfort and security. Many regular church attenders consistently focus their minds on sporting events, business affairs, or matters of personal interest as soon as the sermon begins. Many so-called worshipers can tell you what dress the pastor's wife wore in the service, but cannot recall the text of the sermon or the application of the message for their lives"

"When revival comes, an intense spirit of conviction will be felt immediately. Conduct that has always seemed acceptable will appear unbelievably wicked. Prejudices that have characterized professing Christians for decades will be revealed for the grievous sins they really are. Private indulgences upon which a person has looked with favor for years will suddenly seem to merit all the wrath of God poured out forever. Prayerlessness, ignorance of Scriptures, sins of omission, and failure in good works will no longer be defended by a myriad of excuses, but will be laid before the God 'with whom we have to do'"...

"Indeed, when revival comes, so powerful will be the conviction that persons who once thought themselves well worthy of heaven will stand in wonder and amazement that they are not already burning in the fires of hell..."

"When revival comes, the agony over sin will be so great that they thought of prolonging life in the midst of such wickedness will be in tolerable..."

"The cross of Jesus Christ, which at one time might have seemed something of an enigma or a mystery, will now appear truly precious... These stirrings in the soul will drive the revived to a level of interest in the cross never thought possible. All the devils in hell and the servants of wickedness on earth will not have the power to keep the awakened sinner from consecration and devoted love to such a Savior" (pgs. 22-24).

Wow. Have any of us ever experienced revival like that? I have, in a small sense, on a personal level. But never have I witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit come across a church or a community where God's people are broken and convicted sinners before a Holy God.

May God pour out his power on us!

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