Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Hungry Are We for Revival?

Good morning from rainy Omaha, Nebraska. Actually, it is a mixture of snow and rain today! Here is a question: "How close are we to experiencing genuine revival in our churches, communities and nations?" In the Life Action Ministries "Revival Report", Byron Paulus writes that there are signs of God's people hungering for revival. How hungry are we to see God pour out his blessings from heaven?

Father, please light the fire in our hearts!

Have a great day. Bryan

The Hope of Revival

A friend of mine, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastors the historic Moody Church in Chicago. Because of his intense desire for revival, he started off the new year with a five-week series entitled “When God Comes to Church.”

In addition, he called for a weeknight prayer meeting. Interestingly, he entitled the gathering POPS, which stands for Parents of Prodigals. The number coming to pray doubled almost instantly. I see it (and so does he) as a “risk of opportunity.” Either God delivers the prodigals, or what do you think will happen to this congregation’s view of God? A risk? Only if God does not show up.

Many of the people at Moody Church have to drive back into the city for those prayer meetings. It is costing them something. But their spiritual desire is strong enough to pay the price and to believe God for the miracle of His manifest presence.

As I was writing this report, another close friend called from the Queens area of New York City, where 2000 Koreans are seeking God for revival. The services begin each night at 8:15, and people don’t leave until 10:00 p.m. Three hundred of those believers are back at 5:00 a.m. for prayer. Again, NYC is not the easiest place to call for a season of seeking the Lord. But desire for God is winning out over every competing obstacle.

I am convinced that believers all across our nation are equally hungry for God to show up in their lives and churches. This year, Life Action will be in 60 locations with our four teams for protracted meetings. With rare exception we will experience a large percentage of the Sunday morning church attendance coming out every night to seek the Lord.

Allow me to share one report I received just last evening from a businessman in one such ministry location. It reflects how a local church in a busy metro area met with God during THIRST, a Life Action Revival Conference:

As I am writing this e-mail, you are probably getting ready to pull out of Memorial Church. Memorial and Life Action have forever changed my life. For 40 years I have been searching for the meaning of life. . . . I have tried material goods, alcohol, pornography, greed, lust, envy, etc., but no physical fulfillment could fill the spiritual void in my life. . . . “Heavenly treasures” is a path that I now understand.

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