Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Personal Revivals

Good Morning.

God will send revival to individuals before he sends revival to churches and communities. According to Brian Edwards: "There has always been personal revival before public revival in those whom God uses. This personal revival may take many forms, but it always has the same effect: to convince of the greatness and glory of God" (Revival!, pg. 54).

Howel Harris was used by God during the awakening across Wales. On June 18, 1735, he met with God: "I felt suddenly my heart melting within in me like wax before the fire with love to God my Saviour; and also felt not only love, peace, etc. but longing to be dissolved, and to be with Christ; then was a cry in my inmost soul, which I was totally unacquainted with before, Abba Father! Abba Father! I could not help calling God my Father..." (pg. 54)

Before revival comes to America, it will first occur in the lives of people praying and longing for it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Quote From Brian Edwards

Check out this quote from Brian Edwards book, Revival!

"Men whom God uses in revival have always been men who maintained a close walk with God and longed for a holy life. It was Robert Murray M'Cheyne who, so greatly used by God in Dundee in 1839, had prayed from his heart, 'Lord make me as holy as a saved sinner can be.' The evidence of the sincerity in this prayer is seen in the fact that people would be moved to tears just by seeing him in the pulpit or walking down the corridor of the church."

It is just like the song that goes "Holiness, holiness is what I long for; holiness is what I need!"

It is what we all need.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Burning Passion for the God's Glory!

According to Brian Edwards book Revival!, before true revivals sent from heaven, there will be people anticipating for God to move in powerful ways. Edwards writes that such people "have met with God in a powerfully personal way and have a burning passion for the glory of God and a life of holiness" (pg. 48).

Am I such a person? I want to be.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Getting Ready For Revival

Good Morning. It is cold in Omaha. Winter weather arrived yesterday.

In Brian Edwards book: "Revival!", he writes the first step towards revival is to consecrate ourselves to the Lord (2 Chronicles 29.5). He went on...

"If we start here, we have hope for revival. But we must start now. Whole books can be written analysing what is wrong with the church today, but there is hardly a need for this. We must simply admit that we are not eternity-minded people. We live like the world we are supposed to be saving: for the things of time rather than for the things of eternity. Our priorities are world-related rather than heaven directed; our treasure is on earth. Revival always begins by putting eternity back into the minds of the Christians, and only when the church takes eternity seriously can we expect the world to do so" (pgs. 44-45).

If this is true, then what are we waiting for? Let us draw near to God so he will draw near to us (James 4.8).

For Christ Alone!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Church Before Revival

Good Morning.

It is raining and snowing in Omaha this morning. We need the moisture. The American church also needs a fresh rain from heaven as well. Brian Edwards in his book, Revival! A People Saturated With God describes what occurs before, during and after revival. For example, what is the condition of the church before a revival? According to Edwards:

"Outwardly there may be many good things in churches today, but beneath it all is the rottenness of worldliness, carelessness, a lack of deep commitment and a triviality about holy things. Our churches are divided and quarrelsome; our leaders are proud of their reputations and hard-working to build their own empires. Generally speaking, Christians think and behave like the world and are afraid to act differently... Of course, some churches are growing and some sinners are being converted, but by and large we have become expert at simply shuffling the pack as dissatisfied or grumbling Christians move from church to church" (pg. 37).

Ouch! Are we ripe for revival? It appears so. Let us seek God's face.

For Jesus Alone! Have a wonderful day.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Brian Edwards Wonderful Book on Revival

One of my favorite books on the subject of revival is by Pastor Brian H. Edwards. It is called: Revival! A People Saturated With God. The title itself is a great definition of revival. His title is based on Duncan Campbell's understanding of revival: "a community saturated with God" (pg. 26).

I have read this book more than once and I have marked it all up because it is both a history of revival and an encouragement to pray daily for God to revive the modern church. Edwards writes... "In revival things happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Meetings are lengthened, crowds gather, and sermons have to be preached, not because it is all arranged in advance, but because God is at work. People will arrive without warning for a meeting, moved by an unseen hand"(pg. 29). I will refer more to this book in later blogs.

For Jesus Alone!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

God's Mission in the World

Good Morning. I am back. Things have been busy with church and school. Again this blog is dedicated to the subject of praying for spiritual revival. When God sends a revival, it will begin with his people in the church. We will repent and turn back to God; and by his grace, we will be empowered to be the people he desires.

As God's Spirit is working on the church, people outside the church will be drawn to love and glory of Jesus. In other words, there will be conversions. The words of Acts 1.8 will be fulfilled. Jonathan Edwards reminds us that God's mission in the world is the salvation of souls...

"The work of God in converting souls out of the hands of
Satan, was begun soon after the fall of man, has been carried
on in the world ever since to this day, and will be to the end
of the world. God has always, ever since erecting of the
church of the redeemed after the fall, had such a church in
the world. Though oftentimes it has been reduced to a very
narrow compass and to low circumstances; yet it has never
wholly failed."