Thursday, April 26, 2007

Renew Them in Our Day

Would it be worth our time to research and read about the revivals of the past? Brian Edwards believes so...

"If we knew the history of revival, and the stories of some of the great Christians of the past, some among us would stop crowing and start crying; we would realize that we are not in a time of revival, and that there are greater things that God has for his people...

...But there is another reason why we should know our history, and especially the history of the Spirit of God at work among his people: it would encourage in us a desire for God to repeat his work"
(Revival! A People Saturated with God; pgs. 86-87).

There you go. I have learned over the years that the reading about the great revivals of the past caused my heart to pray like the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk: Renew them in our day!

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Anonymous said...

I am also praying for true revival in our day..My heart cries out for revival.