Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Praying for Revival Must be Regular

Hi. Is it worth it to persevere in prayer? Well, read on please...


Meeting with the Holy Spirit, that is. Which on second thought then it was a two person meeting. Oh well, isn't that the kind of meeting where all heaven comes? I think the angels come to see what is going on when one person is pouring his or her heart before the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Paulette, in the middle of her loss (she had lost her husband and daughter in an accident caused by a drunk driver) would come, persistently, consistently, every morning to the tiny place they had for office. There was no comfort, no air conditioning. It was just the place many people would not consider coming to and much less spending time praying there. But because of this it was the most appropriate place to meet with the Holy Spirit knowing that hardly anybody would bother to come bother.

For years, this woman of God, met with her God. Every morning. For hours on. For years on.

When you drive into Porterville in Southern California, if you come from Route 99 on Olive Ave. you will see it on your left on a corner there stands this big sanctuary with the looks of a barn, built on purpose with that barn style because of the harvest the church is expecting. Right across the street, on your right you will see it. There stands the original small office where the church across the street was birthed. Those wooden walls are witnesses -oh if they could only speak!- of countless hours of deep intercession, and those floors absorbed the tears shed in those long hours of travailing for a move of God.

Landmark Christian Center is there to show that prayer is effective. It stands there not only as a testimony of the past prayers, but also as a living body that is affecting the community in many ways. And it also stands as an advanced witness to the future, shouting that revival is possible, that a harvest is expected because they have sowed their own lives into that hard soil.

Tommy Hick, the man that God used to spark the massive revival in Argentina in 1954, also prophesied that Porterville is the site of such massive revival in the now not far away future. There are people in Porterville that believe it. Pastor Blaylock and Landmark Christian Center are some of them who sowed their life into the vision.


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