Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Serious Are We About Revival?

Here is a good question?


Well, check out the article by Conrad Lampan...

A few moments ago I read an email that quoted from Evan Roberts, the revivalist God used to spark the 1904 Welsh Revival:

“Evan Roberts prayed after seeking God 13 years for revival in Wales, "Lord, the altar is built, the sacrifice is laid upon. We await the fire from heaven to ignite the flames of revival." WE ARE AT THIS STAGE OF REVIVAL IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD. GET READY! GET READY! GET READY!”

Reading the above quote one question explodes in my mind: can we seriously declare that “we are ready”? Can we, looking at ourselves with all honesty declare that we are “oh, so ready?” We need to take another look in the direction of the Throne. When Isaiah saw the Lord on His lofty throne he did not shout out “oh how ready I am” rather he cried out: “Wow is me!” and only after that he was sent by Lord. This is the readiness we need, an encounter with the most High that will leave us “without strength” like Daniel; or “as a dead man at His feet” as John in Revelation; or an encounter that will set us off the horse like Saul. Every man God used first had an encounter with God that left them undone.


Our “undoneness” is the most accurate measure of our readiness.

What was the sacrifice that was “laid upon the altar”? Evan Roberts himself. He also said “I have reached out and touched the flame; I am burning and waiting for a sign” We can read all the books, and visit all the places, and be prayed for by every anointed preacher, yet until we are ready to surrender it avails for nothing, yet until we ourselves are burning no fire of revival will ever burn. Wesley said when asked about what he did to have revival: “I set myself on fire and people come to see me burning”.


Revival is not a side dish to the main meal of our plans. There is no way that we can have a “custom-made” revival. I have heard many people praying for a Welsh revival, or yet others pray for an American revival. Do not pray for a Welsh revival, rather pray for revival in Wales; not an American revival, pry for revival in America. Revival is not a controlled fire in the chimney to keep us comfortably warm while in the safety of our sheltered submission.

Many people are complaining and in many cases leaving their churches because -as they put it- the church has failed. Without entering into an argument now, I would say only that no church will ever go any further than its individuals. We have to admit that the church will never go deeper or higher than its individuals.

I brought up the above example because it is true also about revival. Revival will no go any deeper or spread any farther than individual commitment, and it will not touch people any more that it has touched us. No revival will revive my church more than I myself am revived.


The level of desire should match the level of surrendering. Evan Roberts experienced that submission that comes from knowing God so intimately that there is no room for self; that point where no strength is left and we can only go on if we depend totally on the Holy Spirit.

Revival is like a child: we cannot possibly conceive a baby just out of desire alone! A baby is conceived out of relationship. No matter how much you desire to have a baby if you do have an intimate relationship with your spouse all what you will get is an unfulfilled desire. It does not matter if you declare that you are going to have a baby, it is not going to happen by just declaring it. You can visit as many maternities as you wish, and see other’s babies, but you will not have one until you do what you have to do.


Any intent on tapping on God’s power without first knowing Him to the point of total submission, any intent to “move” God into bringing forth a revival without experiencing our wills submitted to His will hundred percent might actually verge on manipulation.

Revival will really come when enough people have surrendered; when enough people are crying “wow is me”; when enough people are on their faces literally melting their own will, and plans, and desires in God’s furnace.

Our nation will be revived when “My people” humble themselves. When “My people” are revived then the nation will be revived. “My people” is not some ethereal, undefined nebulae to which we belong. “My people” is you and me and all who form the church. Ergo, we can expect revival in the nation when the church in that nation has been revived, and the church will be revived when we individuals have died and been revived by the Power of His Holy Spirit.


Praying for Revival!


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