Friday, August 24, 2007

Has revival come to your area of the world?

Good morning from Omaha. Revival has not come yet to Omaha, but hundreds are praying that it will soon transform the church in Omaha. Has revival come to your area of the world? When it does, we will know it.

R.E. Davis put it this way:

"A revival is a sovereign outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon a group of Christians resulting in their spiritual reviving and quickening, and issuing in the awakening of spiritual concern in outsiders or formal church members; an immediate, or, at other times, a more long-term, effect will be efforts to extend the influence of the Kingdom of God both intensively in the society in which the Church is placed, and extensively in the spread of the gospel to more remote parts of the world" (I Will Pour Out My Spirit, p. 15).

Praying for revival!


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