Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Church and the World Needs a Spiritual Revival

It is easy to live moment by moment and day by day and year after year without realizing our need for God to revive us. Even as Christ-followers, we can get sucked into a deadly mediocrity that we mistake as normal Christianity. As P.V. Jenness points out below, we need a revival.

"Revivals are supernatural demonstrations of God's power. When will we learn to let God work in His own way? When will we spend more time in seeking to know what His way is than we do in devising human plans and methods which only bring us a sense of failure and loss? We need a revival. The church needs a revival. The world - hungry, restless, sin-cursed, dying - needs a revival. God wants us to have it. Let us make every effort to meet the divine conditions and let us expect Him to answer by fire."

P.V. Jenness, quoted A.Wallis, In the Day of Thy Power

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