Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Does it Matter If We Pray Together?

Jim Cymbala, the pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle once said that you can gauge how much the people in the church love Jesus by measuring their commitment to the weekly prayer gatherings. Does it really come down to that? If the prayer gatherings are times when God's people praise him and cry out to him for renewal and transformed lives, then yes, these weekly prayer gatherings do tell us how much we love Jesus.

But it is more than that. Historically, corporate prayer preceded revivals. There is a renewed interest in prayer before revival and it is sustained during revival. Thus, if revival is to come to our churches and communities and cities and nations--then it would be worth our while to put Acts 2.42 into practice and devote ourselves to prayer. It will take courage and determination to do so, but we must do so for revival from heaven to visit us.

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