Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Much Prayer Does it Take Before Revival?

How much prayer is required for revival?

Well, D.M. McIntyre gives a historical example...

"Before the great revival in Gallneukirchen broke out, Martin Boos spent hours and days and often nights in lonely agonies of intercession. Afterwards, when he preached, his words were as flame, and the hearts of the people as grass."

How much prayer is needed?




RevivalGuy said...

I dont know what to say, but God led me to this site and led me to post a comment... I too seek revival in a world where there is little to no hope from what it seems... but God is our hope... God is our peace, He is our resurrection, our life, the only one who truly loves us unconditionally... Who is there besides our God? We pray to One who is absolutely passionately in deep romantic love for us, He hears us, just too many times we do not hear Him... He is trying to speak to us, why dont we listen? its not good enough anymore to say that it is just how our society anymore. No more excuses... we are welcomed to come before Him to HEAR from Him more than SPEAK to Him... Yearn for Jehovah God this day

Bryan Galloway said...

amen brother. Thank you for your comment. Bryan