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Prayer and Revival (Part Four)

Good morning. Today, we will conclude out look at J. Edwin Orr's article: "Prayer and Revival". The revival in Wales was significant and was used by God far beyond the borders of Wales. The last line of the article reminds us that we must not stop praying for revival.

Praying for Revival



That movement lasted for a generation, but at the turn of the century there was need of awakening again. A general movement of prayer began, with special prayer meetings at Moody Bible Institute, at Keswick Conventions in England, and places as far apart as Melbourne, Wonsan in Korea, and the Nilgiri Hills of India. So all around the world believers were praying that there might be another great awakening in the twentieth century.

In the revival of 1905, I read of a young man who became a famous professor, Kenneth Scott Latourette. He reported that, at Yale in 1905, 25% of the student body were enrolled in prayer meetings and in Bible study. As far as churches were concerned, the ministers of Atlantic City reported that of a population of fifty thousand there were only fifty adults left unconverted. Take Portland in Oregon: two hundred and forty major stores closed from 11 to 2 each day to enable people to attend prayer meetings, signing an agreement so that no one would cheat and stay open. Take First Baptist Church of Paducah in Kentucky: the pastor, an old man, Dr J. J. Cheek, took a thousand members in two months and died of overwork, the Southern Baptists saying, 'a glorious ending to a devoted ministry.' That is what was happening in the United States in 1905. But how did it begin?

Most people have heard of the Welsh Revival which started in 1904. It began as a movement of prayer. Seth Joshua, the Presbyterian evangelist, came to Newcastle Emlyn College where a former coal miner, Evan Roberts aged 26, was studying for the ministry. The students were so moved that they asked if they could attend Joshua's next campaign nearby. So they cancelled classes to go to Blaenanerch where Seth Joshua prayed publicly, 'O God, bend us.' Roberts went forward where he prayed with great agony, 'O God, bend me.' Upon his return he could not concentrate on his studies. He went to the principal of his college and explained, 'I keep hearing a voice that tells me I must go home and speak to our young people in my home church. Principal Phillips, is that the voice of the devil or the voice of the Spirit?'

Principal Phillips answered wisely, 'The devil never gives orders like that. You can have a week off.' So he went back home to Loughor and announced to the pastor, 'I've come to preach.' The pastor was not at all convinced, but asked, 'How about speaking at the prayer meeting on Monday?' He did not even let him speak to the prayer meeting, but told the praying people, 'Our young brother, Evan Roberts, feels he has a message for you if you care to wait.' Seventeen people waited behind, and were impressed with the directness of the young man's words.

Evan Roberts told his fellow members, 'I have a message for you from God.

You must confess any known sin to God and put any wrong done to others right.

Second, you must put away any doubtful habit.

Third, you must obey the Spirit promptly.

Finally, you must confess your faith in Christ publicly.'

By ten o'clock all seventeen had responded. The pastor was so pleased that he asked, 'How about your speaking at the mission service tomorrow night? Midweek service Wednesday night?' He preached all week, and was asked to stay another week. Then the break came. Suddenly the dull ecclesiastical columns in the Welsh papers changed:

'Great crowds of people drawn to Loughor.' The main road between Llanelly and Swansea on which the church was situated was packed with people trying to get into the church. Shopkeepers closed early to find a place in the big church. Now the news was out. A reporter was sent down and he described vividly what he saw: a strange meeting which closed at 4.25 in the morning, and even then people did not seem willing to go home. There was a very British summary: 'I felt that this was no ordinary gathering.' Next day, every grocery shop in that industrial valley was emptied of groceries by people attending the meetings, and on Sunday every church was filled.

The movement went like a tidal wave over Wales, in five months there being a hundred thousand people converted throughout the country. Five years later, Dr J. V. Morgan wrote a book to debunk the revival, his main criticism being that, of a hundred thousand joining the churches in five months of excitement, after five years only seventy-five thousand still stood in the membership of those churches!

The social impact was astounding. For example, judges were presented with white gloves, not a case to try; no robberies, no burglaries, no rapes, no murders, and no embezzlements, nothing. District councils held emergency meetings to discuss what to do with the police now that they were unemployed. In one place the sergeant of police was sent for and asked, 'What do you do with your time?' He replied, 'Before the revival, we had two main jobs, to prevent crime and to control crowds, as at football games. Since the revival started there is practically no crime. So we just go with the crowds.'

A councilor asked, 'What does that mean?' The sergeant replied, 'You know where the crowds are. They are packing out the churches.' 'But how does that affect the police?' He was told, 'We have seventeen police in our station, but we have three quartets, and if any church wants a quartet to sing, they simply call the police station.'

As the revival swept Wales, drunkenness was cut in half. There was a wave of bankruptcies, but nearly all taverns. There was even a slowdown in the mines, for so many Welsh coal miners were converted and stopped using bad language that the horses that dragged the coal trucks in the mines could not understand what was being said to them. That revival also affected sexual moral standards. I had discovered through the figures given by British government experts that in Radnorshire and Merionethshire the illegitimate birth rate had dropped 44% within a year of the beginning of the revival.

The revival swept Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, North America, Australasia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Chile. As always, it began through a movement of prayer.


Audrey said...

God has put a burden in my heart and your article Prayer and Revival part 4 of Evan Roberts is how God spoke to me and i Believe that God ask me to bring the Fire of Revival
to America... u must know the Revival Fire of Wales come to the Khasi Hills my home town and now God has sent me here...I am here in Leominster,MA for God to answer your prayers I am just the vessel but i Know it is His will in answer to your thirst...this is my testimony:


I would just like to share with u what the Lord has done in this place in Khasi Jaintia Hills since May 2006 through the power of his Holy Spirit. We have experience this twice already, once in 1906 and in 1956 here in Meghalaya, India. But this year 2006 it is very different from the previous times coz the world has become more evil, thus the revival experience of the Holy Spirit also worked in a stronger wave than ever.

I have been truly blessed to be part of such major happening in and around my hometown Shillong, Meghalaya

I first witness this happening on 30th May 2006 when we went for a bible study in one village near the town of Shillong a small Presbyterian church in Lumthehsei Umroi. Mr Khlainbor Lyngdoh had given the Bible study and started praying for the people and giving the altar call; people started praying together and the anointing of the Holy Spirit swept the place in such an amazing way and people without even laying of hands were falling in the Spirit…and we were all filled with the Spirit of God and the service which usually last 2 hours went on and on with praying and singing that no one left the church even till the wee hours of the morning.

I did not realize then that this manifestation of the Power of the Holy Spirit was going to sweep the whole State of Meghalaya in a matter of few months.

This was happening in every Bible study we went to and it was an amazing experience since we were working mostly in the rural parts of Meghalaya. After a few months in a MIGHTY wave the spirit swept not only in rural areas but in the main capital of the State in town in Churches/in homes/Schools/Colleges and at most times classes had to be stopped and closed for the day as even in Schools and Colleges children were singing and praying. They were taking their Bibles/Hymnals to school and sharing there, thus inviting the Holy Spirit and a Revival swept the place with children and youth sleeping in the spirit sometimes even for days without food and water, but when asked they say that Jesus use to feed them with fruits and something like fruit juices…
This wave of the Spirit was mostly among children below 15 years and the youths, to fulfill the Word of God in Joel 2:18. It was like experiencing what the disciples of Jesus experienced in the Day of Pentecost in Acts 1 and 2. Amazing!!!

I saw a change in the society as a whole in families that were rebuilt through the prayers of the children; broken homes were mended and moral issues became less and many addicted to drinks and drugs gave up the habit without any medication or withdrawal symptoms-such is the Blood of Jesus and Love of God; and mostly churches were filled to the brim and people now loved to go to Church on all days of the week unlike most times when even on Sundays the pews were left empty.

Children saw visions, they prophesied,saw visions of heaven and the end times. These visions are the same even though these children are from different places, they had the same story of what they see in heaven and what angels/heaven/hell looks like and the same message they had of what Jesus told them to tell the people.
One thing striking was, they saw the Gates of heaven beginning to close and Jesus telling them they have very less time and to tell the People to repent, a a big “gate” like a doorway which is very heavy, opening from the Light to the dark side but closing in to shut every second and angels pulling the “gate” shut.

In the physical world I have personally seen these: the cross in a church lighted up and the presence of Jesus seen there for weeks, I saw different physical manifestations and signs, and glitters like stars also some call it “GLORY DUST” falling upon our bodies and staying on for days where the children who experience revival says that Jesus and His Angels are pouring out on us, also the angelic faces of children praying fervently like adults and interceding on their loved ones behalf or asking for forgiveness of their sins will touch your hearts..which was not possible at so young an age without the help of the Holy Spirit.
There is also the presence of the Holy Spirit sent by God in the form of rare Birds. These Birds stay in the church and sometimes in the homes of the children who are having revival an anointed by God and do not fly away even when touched and at an appointed time fly away to another place and they are sighted in that place revealed by the Spirit, in the children who are experiencing revival.

Also at work which makes our struggles as Christians very real, is the work of the evil One …his demonic powers are also seen at work greatly and we had to combat these also on a daily basis. From crippling people that they cannot walk, infirmities and violent natures were seen which we had to rebuke, bind and cast off “in the name of Jesus” and “Blood” of Jesus to set them free from Satan’s bondage..

All this I have seen with my own eyes and my walk with Jesus is blessed everyday as I experience His closeness and help at all times.Praise god for Miracles in my family and He heals and saves us. my whole family is blessed and saved by this amazing wave of revival and we are all closer to God and revived.

Now a year after, the power of darkness is moving to destroy what God has built not only in my family but many have other families have experienced more problems than ever after the revival of 2006 but Gods LOVE, GRACE, AND MERCY is MORE evident and real now when He sustains us when troubles come calling…

There is so much more but as I cannot write all down I hope that this short testimony will encourage u that God is very real and what Jesus did on the cross for me and you is so unbelievable and that the Holy Spirit is jus longing to fill us and lead us if we only invite and allow Him to take control submit ourselves to the Great I am’s will and not ours.
Please be encourage that we serve a living God he is so real If u see what has happen here u will never again doubt that God is real and Alive and he cares so much for us- His Children.

Please pray for us here we are expecting the second phase according to Joel 2:28 that he will Pour out His Spirit on all flesh and after the children. Though in some churches the love of God has gone cold in many other places it is still a continuous outpouring and growth in Christ.

2007- As I write this, REVIVAL has started again and now we see that the second phase has already begun where mostly the ones experiencing revival of the Spirit is the above 18 years and adult men and women…
Pray for a MIGHTY wave like last year to sweep this place .. God has put in my Heart to Spread the FIRE of REVIVAL and take this good news and share it to the Nations, I would like to do so as I am in USA for a brief visit.
For further details check out www.shillongrevival.com

Thank You.. Praise God ..

With Love Your Sister in Jesus Christ…


PS:I am now visitng my brother in USA Leominster, MA and Jesus is putting a burden in my heart to share about the Revival that I had seen and experienced in America..

Audrey said...

hi please email me at perfectioniz-revival@yahoo.com for any comments or questions..

Thank you..

God bless...