Monday, July 16, 2007

When Revival Comes....

When revival comes to a local church (after weeks or months or years of fervent praying for it) one of the first sure signs of a true revival will be sorrow and brokenness over personal sin.

Robert Owen Roberts, in his book, Revival writes...

"Pride and self-centered living will no longer be excused as necessary defenses in a wicked world, but the very essence of evil itself. Words carelessly spoken will rise from their forgotten graves to haunt and torment until such a wave of conviction is felt that it will seem impossible to stand before it.

Long forgotten sins against members of the Body of Christ will be remembered with great grief. Indeed, when revival comes, so powerful will be the conviction that persons who once thought themselves well worthy of heaven will stand in wonder and amazement that they are not already burning in the fires of hell
" (p.23).

If we are thinking that revival isn't necessary in our church because the above sins don't apply, then we are in desperate need for revival.


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