Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are We Sluggish in Our Prayers?

We all have days when we are sluggish in our prayers. We have moments when the desire is not there. I remember such a time in college. I told my wife to be, Lois, that I had no desire to read my Bible and to pray. She simply said to me: "Pray that God will give you a new desire." That night I did ask God for a fresh desire, and as I prayed, something supernatural happened: God rekindled the flame in my heart!

Perhaps that is a key to our prayer life. In the classic book on prayer, The Hidden Life of Prayer, D.M. M'Intyre wrote: "Let us ask for a fresh gift of the Holy Spirit to quicken our sluggish hearts, a new disclosure of the charity of God. The Spirit will help us infirmities, and the very compassion of the Son of God will fall upon us, clothing us with zeal as with a garment, stirring our affectations into a most vehement (fervent, passionate) flame, and filling our souls with heaven" (p. 24).

Praying for Revival!


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