Friday, May 04, 2007

Using Your Veto (by H.B. London)

Good Morning. I liked what H.B. London recently wrote in the Pastor's Weekly Briefing. It is related to the National Day of Prayer. By the way, did you have an opportunity to either pray with God's people yesterday or spent extra time alone standing in the gap on behalf of our nation? Last night, there was a powerful prayer meeting at Glad Tiding Church in Omaha.

Here are H.B. London's words...


This past week, President George W. Bush exercised his veto power when he refused to sign a bill that would place a date on troop withdrawal from Iraq. Subsequently, the house could not raise enough votes to override that veto. The President said to sign a bill of that kind would send a signal of weakness to our enemies and friends alike — so he used the veto.

Okay, stay with me. Wouldn't it be something if every pastor had the privilege of a veto in the local church? I know some of you would say our congregational type of government would not allow for such a thing — but stay with me.

For example:

A couple in your church decides they will get divorced. They have not had adequate counseling and could be prematurely throwing their relationship on the "ash heap." As a pastor you say, "No way! I veto that decision."

A small group of "joy suckers" in your congregation begin to stir up contention and division. The balance of stability in the body is at stake. You, as the pastor, know their behavior is not in keeping with our Lord's expectations. So you "veto" their activity.

A staff member has allowed a spiritual weakness to develop into a moral dysfunction. Only a bold veto of that person's lifestyle can save him. You walk boldly into that life in the authority of Almighty God.

The people under your influence begin to tell you how and what to preach. They want you to "water down" the truth and make everyone feel more comfortable. You exercise your veto right as a man of God.

I know a lot of this is conjecture and, perhaps, wishful thinking, but don't you wish at times — when you see people whose intent is more selfish than spiritual — that you could step into the mix with a "veto." To proclaim: No! I will not allow you to diminish the unity of Christ's church, or misrepresent the truth of God's Word. Sometimes I wish I could.

Jesus exercised His veto one day when He walked into the temple only to find it being defamed. He said that this is not a swap meet."My house will be called a house of prayer" (Matt. 21:13).

And so today, anything less is unacceptable.

Be blessed and be a blessing. —HBL

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