Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why Should We Cry Out For Revival?

There are many reasons to pray that God will send a revival to our churches and communities and nations. I will share a couple.

First, we need to pray since most of us have never experienced a true revival from above, and since prayer always seems to precede true revival.

Second, we need to fervently pray for revival when it does come,we will desire that it will never leave us. One historian put it this way...

"Because of an unusually vivid sense of love, joy, peace and the presence of God, people don't want to leave, and they often remain for incredibly long periods of time, sometimes day and night. Many people describe their experience as heaven upon earth, and time seems to pass exceedingly quickly" (Richard M. Piss; Narratives of Revival in Scotland, Ireland and Wales)

Praying for Revival


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