Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fasting Day in the Baptist General Conference

Good Morning. Today is not only Election Day, but as the first Tuesday of the month, it is also a day of fasting in the Baptist General Conference. Included in this month's section in the "Prayer & Fasting Guide" are words by E.M. Bounds on the importance of quality praying...

"To pray is the greatest thing we can do: and to do it well there must be calmness, time, and deliberation; otherwise it is degraded into the littlest and meanest of things. True praying has the largest results for good; and poor praying, the least. We cannot do too much of real praying; we cannot do too little of the sham. We must learn anew the worth of prayer, enter anew the school of prayer. There is nothing which it takes more time to learn. And if we would learn the wondrous art, we must not give a fragment here and there -- "A little talk with Jesus," as the tiny saintlets sing -- but we must demand and hold with iron grasp the best hours of the day for God and prayer, or there will be no praying worth the name." (Power Through Prayer, p. 24-26).

May the Lord send revival to North America!


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