Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dee Duke

Today in the Bethel Theological Seminary chapel in St. Paul, MN I spent much of the day listening to Pastor Dee Duke (Dee is a man!). He is the pastor of Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson, Oregon. He stated that he was excited about the Oregon State Beavers who just won the College World Series in Omaha. I was fortunate to watch the team beat Georgia last week.

As stated in my blog yesterday, God's power and glory was manifested after Pastor Duke led Jefferson Baptist Church to become a house of prayer. The motto of the church: "Much prayer, much blessing; little prayer, little blessing; no prayer, no blessing" is a good reminder for all of us to pray much.

Have a good day



yes2truth said...


If you don't mind me saying so, why, when we are under grace do you support that wretched pastor individual in making prayer conditional? We are not in some kind of performance based relationship with Jesus Christ, we're his brothers.

Anyway, if we don't pray The Holy Spirit prays in our stead.

Another thing is this, only things that are on their death bed need revival. Born Again Christians don't need revival they need Grace and more Grace.

Here is my blog on Grace http://graceforfreedom.blogspot.com/

I hope it helps you.


Bryan Galloway said...

Yes, we all need God's grace daily. But let's not dismiss the need for revival so easily. dead churches and Christians do exist.


diane said...

Revival is different things to different people.I equate revival with Gods MANIFEST presence.I mean MANIFEST.We dont have that in our places of worship.WHY?Once a person has been touched by HIMSELF nothing else will do.Im hungry for HIMSELF once again.