Monday, June 20, 2005

Michael Campbell Wins the US Open

Yesterday on Father's Day, I watched 36 year-old New Zealander, Michael Campbell win the US Open. Even though Tiger Woods made a charge, Campbell dug deep and played wonderful golf
on a very difficult course. See...
Campbell's career has been characterized by ups and downs. During the broadcast, Campbell was quoted as saying that prior to the Open, he decided that it is time to go to the next level of golf. So he took the time in recent months to refine his game--especially his short game.

There is certainly a lesson for us followers of Jesus. Are we content with an up and down Christian life? Are we content with mediocrity in our relationship with Jesus? Or are we willing to do what it takes to go to the next level of faith? May we all dig deep into God's Word and delight in it. May we be people of prayer who possess a holy urgency to grow deep in the faith.

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