Monday, January 24, 2005

The Death of Johnny Carson

Do we know and understand the purpose that God has given to us? Ashleigh Brilliant said, “My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.” Is our life like that? Life is way too short not to know the reason we exist.

Yesterday, Johnny Carson passed away. He was born in Iowa and raised in Nebraska (just like me). Since then, the news channels have continuously given coverage to his passing. Commentators and friends and colleagues could not say enough how wonderful he was. For example, he was a gentleman, and he was the “king” of late-night and was very generous.

If you asked him what his purpose in life was, he might have said that he was put on earth to entertain people. Perhaps he would say it was to give others an opportunity to succeed on his stage. Many comedians and singers would say that Johnny opened the door for them to greater things.

Did Johnny Carson know that the ultimate purpose in life is to know and serve and glorify Jesus Christ? I don’t know? We certainly cannot rule out a death-bed salvation experience. It was reported that when Rock Hudson passed away, he turned to Jesus for salvation. Maybe, Johnny Carson is with the Lord now because he repented of sins and placed his faith in what Jesus did on the cross for him.

His death reminds us all who follow Jesus that we all have relatives and friends who need Jesus as their Savoir.

Have great day. Pastor Bryan

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